Button client




service_name options

service_name valuedescription
wtpWebToPhone client
cmnCallMeNow client
cmlCallMeLater client
mailMail client


(aka chat/button)

Chat client


param namedescriptiondefault valueRemarks
localeIDLocale name(first locale set by browser in HTTP Accept-Language header)
skinHTTP URL of the CSS file with the skin styling.default skin See here for details
defaultPhonenumberDefault phonenumber to use in the CallMeNow and CallMeLater client(empty)
autoCallBoolean value to instruct the client to start dialling the number specified in defaultPhonenumber when loaded (no user interaction required).falseOnly used in CallMeNow client.
userMessagesOverride the default texts used by the clients. This comes in a JSON format, which needs to be UriEncoded. Only specify the values that need to be changedSee hereSee below for an example
minuteIntervalInterval in minutes used for CallMeLater time selection5 (minutes)Only relevant for CallMeLater client

switchboardAddresshost name of the switchboard serverswitchboard.pushcall.comFor internal use only

Example for userMessages:

for Dutch locale

{"nl":{"CALL_ME_LATER_BUTTON_CAPTION":"Let's call"}}